Nicolas Catherin

UX designer senior

Designing the new, user onboarding+content marketing

Prestashop is an ecommerce platform for small and middle businesses. This new design has been made for a competition pitch when I was lead designer at Clever Age. We didn’t win and the new website is now online.

The business goals were:

  • attract new customers and improve the transformation rate;
  • facilitate the e-shop setup;
  • help sellers to develop and grow their business;
  • provide tips and info to sellers with a better fit.

Key points of my onboarding strategy:

  • A logout homepage dedicated to new users;
  • An event tracker and a marketing automation system to deliver specific and valuable content (which fits perfectly with our content strategy);
  • A few specific landing pages for each product versions (on cloud/downloadable);
  • A look and feel that tell a story about successful shops.

1. Convince new users

Onboarding is about making customers feel confident that using the product will help them to achieve their goals easily:

  • speaking of the outcome of using the product (not how the product operates itself);
  • making the users say “That’s what I’m here to do!”;
  • being benefits-oriented (“it’s free, easy, quick and mighty”) and cost-less (“They only ask for an email! Sweet and easy”);
  • being consistent! p. e. call-to-action has to remind the brand identity.

Prestashop - homepage onboarding

2. Providing the right content to known customers

I focused on the user account as an essential access to custom data: sell’s analytic, community favorites topics and contributions, customer service inquiries, tips, e-books, slideshares, videos, events invitations…

I imagined a roadmap helping sellers to reach their own goals and develop their own skills set.

Visual design

The Art Direction has been made by the french designer Stéphane Issartel as a Clever Age design team member.




UX strategy, UX design