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Nicolas Catherin

UX designer senior

Let’s Play, transmedia concept for urban golf practice

This is a co-creative and personnal project made in collaboration with the UX/UI designer Sophie Taboni, the entertainment and audiovisual production company Metaphore Production and the author of the french documentary « Espace à prendre », Bahareh Azimi.

The context

All started with a documentary about the excesses of the privatization of public area, and describe how both militants and artistic actions oppose to it.

From the different initiatives mentioned in the documentary, we decided to focus on one of them to build a fantastic, fun and interactive transmedia experience. It was simple and obvious for us that the street golf practice had the perfect balance between urban culture and sport: it’s a game, it’s open to families and they’re a national and official championship. We were trying to bring people into a game about the importance of the public areas.

We designed a digital ecosystem including:

  • a mobile application;
  • a digital platform, meeting point of a web documentary and a knowledge database, and a social gaming application;
  • a real street golf competition in partnership with the national championship (a 5 steps competition) and 4 challenges designed by the public.

The grant final should take place in Berlin, the European capital of street culture.

The concept

The user centered approach

  • contextual interviews with the golf team members;
  • shadowing for one day during a step of the national championship;
  • brainstorming sessions;
  • content strategy and how to generate engagement during 9 steps over 8 months;
  • an experience map to understand the interactions between real competition, challenges made by the online community and mobile application
  • as a multi-device experience based on the 3Cs framework: consistence, continuous, complementary;
  • a social media strategy to animate and engage the existing community;
  • wireframing, prototyping, UI design and branding.

Using mobile to get closer than other players!

More than a challenge, the street golf is a social game. Playing in the street transforms the players state of mind and the way they interact with their streets, the other players and the bystanders. Because when they’re playing, they are so far from a screen, we imagine a mobile application and a watch application following the idea that the watch is the extension of the smartphone.

During the game, the watch application become a personal assistant, a coach and an easy way to communicate with other players. When the user’s not playing (before, after, and between two steps of the golf course), the smartphone is more comfortable to study the practice and discover the area. The smartphone app’ is also a knowledge database improved by the users themselves.

Street Golf mobile app' Street Golf watch app'

Urban golf culture


Let's Play, personnal project


user research, ux design, service design